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Genuine, Buddhist Items of spiritual value to the Buddhist believer is found here. You will find everything sacrosanct to the true believer on sale here, that makes the home, the heart and mind at peace and wade away the evils of life and temptations. There are all originally made by the people meant for them and have all been blessed by Lamas. You will find Buddhist Singing Bowls - both hand-made and machine-made of all sizes, statues of Buddha, Manjushree and Ganesh, ritual items such as conch shell trumpets, prayer-wheels, purbas and dorjes. Then again there are Mala beads and musical items of bells, tingsha and murchanga. In the miscellaneous category you would find incense holders and burners. See what would be in your spiritual use and let us know at Buddhist Items and be sure to get the original from us and ready to be delivered in time and cheaper that your local vendor.