The Magical Sound of Singing Bowl

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2016-03-10 13:49:32

Singing Bowls from the Himalayan Region of Nepal

The sound that has emitted from singing bowls, have not only enchanted the ears of many but also is said to have magical powers of healing. Whether this is true or not I leave it up to you but I can only tell you this fact that certain sound if appeasing to the body, soul and mind can alter the pattern of ill-health to better-health as the ears of the body transmit the sound signals receives via chemical means to the brain just as other sense organs do.

The way these signals can be alter with sound is hard to tell but sound does have an effect on a person’s mood. This will suffice why the people put so much trust in the music of the singing bowl which then became a spiritual item having different attributes and characters.

Metals used in a singing bowl, play the main backbone to it. So, not exotic metals that are more common to modern science but metals discovered in man’s journey over the ages are used in making singing bowls. It is common to term a singing bowl as brass as it is an alloy that is made from the seven primary elements of iron, copper, tin, mercury, lead, silver and gold.

Each of these metals has a distinct sound when stuck and the tintinnabulation or sonic that each one uses gives the sound that one desires. That is not all; the metals after having been moulder to shape by an expert metal smith needs to be pounded over time to compress the bowl into shape and appeal. This is done periodical over a repeated time interval till the sound wanted by the person is felt. The true vibes of healing sound is then felt by the body when played according to the desired sound. This sound is the medicinal sound heard by no earthly sounds and a true transformation in one’s self.

The metals used in a singing bowls are said to have some form of planetary connection and a sound of their own. The metal, gold is said to be the sun, where as silver the moon, mercury being Mercury, copper being Venus, iron being Mars, tin being Jupiter and lead being Saturn.

Likewise the metals used in the making of a singing bowl also correspond to the seven days of the week. Sunday being gold, Monday being silver, Tuesday being iron, Wednesday being mercury, Thursday being tin, Friday being copper and Saturday being lead.

Since these metals correspond symbolically to the immediate celestial of the earth, these metals are said to adopt the characteristics of these celestial bodies.

The sun annually seems to move from place to place on the earth while the earth revolves around it giving the cycle of life, birth and death on earth. The sounds that sun emits, is crackling, roaring and hissing and its colour yellowish-green. The energy which gold gives off is similar to the sun. So a singing bowl having a portion of gold in it would give sounds and the power of healing as that of the sun.

The moon shows time as in the seasons and movement, joy and instinctive action by its monthly phases. The moon afflicts diseases related to the body, humour, the female organs and emotional disturbances. The sound the full moon corresponds to is G sharp. Its corresponding colour is orange. So a portion of this metal in a singing bowl would give the characteristic sound of the moon and remove infliction that it causes.

The planet mercury represents intellect, thinking, knowledge and speech. Mercury related diseases are stress, migraines, asthma and epilepsy. Mercury is a planet with both male and female properties. It has a related sound of C sharp and a colour of turquoise. So the sound emitted by the metal mercury in a singing bowl could cure diseases related to the planet Mercury.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, warmth, sensuality, growth in nature, protection, sensation, creativity and art. It is further related to the kidney, the skin, lymphatic system, the mucus membranes and female organ. Diseases associated with Venus are cramps, throat diseases and varicose veins. The tone of Venus is an A (442.46Hz) and the colour is orange-yellow. Since copper is associated with Venus, the metal used in a singing bowl would give of the mentioned tone of it and would heal ailments associated with Venus.

Mars is the planet of the will, action, propulsion, sexuality, power, aggression, rage, strength and enthusiasm. At the physical level Mars can be associated fever and red rashes. The characteristics of this planet of sound are aggressive and merciless with a tone of D (289.44 Hz). It is a light blue colour and its corresponding metal is iron. So sounds emitted by iron is said to be associated with the healing powers of afflictions cause by Mars.

Jupiter evokes high spiritual value as it represents universal spiritual value. It fosters development, alertness and trust. It is related to diseases such as obesity, tumours, diabetes and liver diseases as well as despair. The sound of Jupiter is majestic like an organ and has both male and female characteristics. It is of red colour and corresponds to the metal tin. So the sound emitted by tin is said to heal diseases associated by Jupiter.

Saturn is the planet which symbolizes conscience, self-discipline and a sense of duty. The planet is known for materialism, rigidity and sorrow. The diseases associated with this planet are rheumatism, gout, allergies, depression and other chronic complaints. Saturn has a deep, frightening sound. Its tone is D (295.70 Hz) and colour is light blue. Its corresponding metal is lead.

The lamas with the power over though and a deeps study of astrology were able to come to a conclusions that the celestial bodies play a large role in the well being of the human body, soul and mind. The found a similarity between the common metals around them and the effect of sound that the emitted on a person while meditating. Through trial and error which leads them though ratiocination that sounds can help as a cure for many ills society and other common ailment. There are no concrete medical proofs that sounds cure, but the handmade singings bowls have served the isolated Tibetan and Nepalese Mountain tribes to heal and remedies many stress problems when nothings else was at hand to help. Singing bowls have served the test of healing power of the hundreds of years. There must be some truth in the mystics of this sound which could only relate to magical healing powers.

So when, the modern means of healing does not serve your purpose of healing you from your suffering, it would wise to try out the old remedies of sound which have served so many over time and not alleviating your from stress, why not give the singing bowl a try. There may be some truth in it and why not, it may turn out to be your saviour in disguise. Get the original handmade singing bowls from Buddhist Items that guarantees their authenticity.   


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